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As well as organising a monthly programme of speakers and events on topics relating to Humanism or of interest to humanists, the group:

In addition, several of the group's members are ‘celebrants’ who conduct funerals, and wedding and naming ceremonies. Many individual members carry out voluntary work such as: recording ‘talking newspapers’ for blind people; working for the Samaritans; working in charity shops; working on the multi-faith care team at Birmingham airport; being a member of the St Mary's Hospice Compassionate Communities Reference Group; working with Encompass, a group that was set up in memory of a terrorist outrage that aims ‘to empower young people to make positive changes in their local communities through promoting tolerance and intercultural understanding’.

To find out more about Humanism and the Birmingham Humanists group, come along to one of our meetings - there is information about these in the Events calendar.

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