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To a Humanist, ‘Support’ is one of the foundations of community. Supporting oneself: supporting each other. It's all about caring enough to offer whatever help one can. This takes many forms, from sharing life experiences and skill-sets to just simple listening.

Members of Birmingham Humanists are happy to share their skills & life experiences with you in a spirit of cooperation.

We meet regularly in Birmingham and you are most welcome to attend our meetings. Please take a look at the events calendar. We also have social meetings where quite a number of us meet in a local pub for a drink and chat. You can get details of these social meets from members of the group at our regular meetings.

If you have a specific skill-set / life experience that you feel would benefit others and you would like to share this, you are very welcome to approach members of the committee with a view to getting some time at one of our meetings. In order to do this please contact us. Equally you might want to write about your specific skill-set / life experience and share that. You can contact the ‘News & Views’ Newsletter Editor via the News & Views page.

As a group, Birmingham Humanists, are quite approachable: if you need some to talk to, please feel free to approach one of us at our meetings. The skill-sets and experiences of the group members is vast ~ there will be someone who can help you / direct you to a source of help.

If you would like to come to an informal meeting with one or two of our members to find out more about Humanism and Birmingham Humanists please contact us.

This page was up to date on 19/04/2013.