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Here are some of the books and DVDs you will find in our library.

1. A Brief History of Time, Edited by Stephen Hawkins.
2. A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawkins.
3. A Life in Science, Stephen Hawkins.
4. World Population and Human Values, Jonas & Jonathan Salk.
5. Wonderful Life, Stephen Jay Gould.
6. Birmingham Working People, George J Barnsby.
7. Be Fruitful and Multiply, John Freeman.
8. Go Spin You Jade, D. L. Hobman.
9. Sex, Death and Punishment - Richard Davenport-Hines.
10. Our Common Future, World Commission on Environment.
11. The Goodwins and the Shelleys, William St. Clair.
12. William Thompson, Richard K. P. Pankhurst.
13. Czech Tragedy, Gioney Bolton.
14. The Priestley Riots and The Lunar Society, Vivian Bird.
15. Know Your Marriage, Robed E. Morton.
16. 1,000,000 Delinquents, Benjamin Fine.
17. Memory Hold the Door, John Buchan.
18. The Direction of Human Development, M. F. Ashley Montagu.
19. Biology in the Modem World, L. C. Comber.
20. Saga of Women’s Struggle, Malladi Subbamma.
21. Future Shock, Alvin Toffler.
22. Simple Abundance {Comfort and Joy Daybook}, S. Breathnach.
23. How Do You Know Who You Are? Derek & Julia Parker.
24. Brave New World, Aldous Huxley.
25. The Devils of Loudin, Aldons Huxley
26. North - South {A Programme for Survival}, Commission Report.
27. A Separate Development, Christopher Hope.
28. The Free Lunch, C. Bazlidon.
29. History of Taxes on Knowledge, Collet, Dobson, Collet.
30. The Distressed Mind, J. A. C. Brown.
31. A Short History of Women, J. L. Langdon Davies.
32. Modern Science & The Nature of Life, W. S. Beck.
33. The Scientific Attitude, C. H. Waddington.
34. Diagnosis of Man, K. Walker.
35. History and the Present, Christopher Hill
36. European Convention on Human Rights.
37. The Happiness Purpose, Edward Bono.
38. Straight and Crooked Thinking, Robert H. Thoulness.
39. The Senses of Animals and Men, Loms and Marjery Milne.
40. How To Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie.
41. Memorials {Poetry and Prose} - June Benn.
42. A Life of Ones Own, Joanna Field.
43. Working in Teams, Alison Hardingham.
44. The Mind in The Making, James Harvey Robinson.
45. From the History of Human Folly, Istvan Rath Vegh.
46. Einstein's Universe. Nigel Calder
47. The Two Aspirations of Humanity, Nassif Isaac.
48. Censorship and The Arts, Richard Griffiths.
49. The First Eden, David Attenborough
50. Darwin's Watch {Discworld 3}: Pratchett, Stuart & Cohen.
51. Taking a Stand, Gus John.
52. Bad Science – Ben Goldacre.
53. How Did I Get Here From There – Claire Rayner. 54. Fifty Per Cent Proof {Mathematical Humour} – K.Selkirk & William Wynne Wilson.
55. War is a Lie – David Swanson.
56. Voodoo Histories – David Aaronovitch.
57. The Sense Of Being Stared At – Rupert Sheldrake.
58. Critical Thinking for Students – Roy Den Van Blink-Budgen.
59. The Clan of the Cave Bear – Jean M. Auel.
60. Our Treacherous Hearts – Rosalind Coward.
61. Persepolis – { DVD.}
62. Agora – {DVD.}
63. The Children We Deserve – Rosalind Miles.
64. Beijeman’s England.
65. Life and How to Survive It - Robin Skynner and John Cleese.
66. The Human Brain – Susan Greenfield.
67. Keywords { Vocabulary of Culture and Society} – Raymond Williams.
68. What a Man’s Gotta Do { The Masculine Myth} – Anthony Easthorpe.

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