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Here are some of the books and DVDs you will find in our library.

1. Thinking to Some Purpose, Susan Stebbing.
2. The Riddle of the Universe, Ernst Haeckel, {2 copies}.
3. Modem Science and the Nature of Life, William S. Beck.
4. Clearer Thinking {Logic for Everyman}, A. E. Mander.
5. Let the People Think, Bertrand Russell.
6. Bertrand Russell’s Best, Bertrand Russell.
7. A Freeman's Worship, Bertrand Russell.
8. Marriage and Morals, Bertrand Russell, {2 copies}.
9. Political Ideals, Bertrand Russell.
10. On Education, Bertrand Russell.
11. Why I am not a Christian, Bertrand Russell, {2 copies}.
12. Authority and the Individual, Bertrand Russell.
13. Bertrand Russell - The Passionate Sceptic, Allan Wood
14. Philosophy, C. E. Joad.
15. The Meaning of Life, A. J. Ayer.
16. Philosophy in the 20th Century, A. J. Ayer {2 copies}.
17. The Martyrdom of Man - Winwood Reade, {2 copies}.
18. The Outcast, Winwood Reade.
19. A Realistic Conception of History, W. F. Whitehouse {2 copies}
20. The God Virus – Darrel W. Ray.
21. Encyclopaedic Selections, Dennis Diderot.
22. A Guide for the Perplexed, E. F. Schumacher.
23. Truth: A Guide for the Perplexed, Simon Blackburn.
24. Straw Dogs – John Gray.
25. The Sex Code – ‘Morals for Moderns’ - Francis Bennion
26. The Physical Basis of Mind, Various.
27. The Unconscious Civilisation, J. R. Saul
28. Four Progressive Educators, Various.
29. The Systems View of the World, Elvin Laszlo.
30. The Age of Enlightenment, Isaiah Berlin.
31. Philosophy Made Simple, Popkin and Stroll.
32. John Stuart Mills On…{British Humanist Association}
33. What is Humanism: Humanist Philosophers Group
34. Breaking the Spell – Daniel C Denett.
35. Religious Schools The Case Against: Humanist Philosophers Group
36. Thinking About Death Edited By P. Cave and B. Larver: Humanist Philosophers Group
37. The Philosophy of Humanism - C. Lamont
38. The Big Questions, Simon Blackburn
39. The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - Greg Palast.
40. The Exception To The Rulers – Amy Goodman.
41. The Story of Human Rights – {DVD.}
42. The Right to Object – Alan Howarth.


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