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Here are some of the books and DVDs you will find in our library.

1. The Religion of Man, Rabindranath Tagore.
2. In Search of the Real Bible, A. D. Howell Smith.
3. Magic and Religion, Sir lames George Fraser.
4. Jesus: Myth or History? Archibald Robertson.
5. The Secular Meaning of the Gospel, Paul van Buren.
6. Ethics of the Great Religions, E. Royston Pike.
7. Religion in a Secular Society, Bryan Wilson.
8. Objections to Christian Belief, Various.
9. Objections to Roman Catholicism, Various.
10. The Future of Religion, Kathleen Bliss.
11. Pensees, Pascal.
12. The Story of the Bible, Macleod Yearsley.
13. Wrestling Jacob, Marjorie Bowen.
14. Twelve Years in a Monastery, Joseph McCabe.
15. The Ethics of Belief, W. K. Clifford {2 copies.}
16. A Book of Good Faith, Montaigne.
17. The Popes and Social Problems, J. W. Poynter.
18. The Life of John Knox, Marjorie Bowen.
19. Introducing Quakers, George H. Gorman.
20. The Prophet, Khalil Gibran.
21. The English Sunday, R. C. Churchill.
22. Religion and Society in Industrial England, A. D. Gilbert.
23. Faith Facing Facts, Rheinallt NantIais Williams.
24. Commitment and Neutrality in Religious Education, E. Hulmes
25. The Myth of God Incarnate, Edited by John Hick.
26. The Transcendental Temptation, Paul Kurtz.
27. Realists and Nominalists, Meyrick H. Clarke.
28. In God’s Country, Douglas Kennedy.
29. The Divine Supermarket, Malise Ruthven.
30. Five Questions in Search of an Answer, David Stafford Clark.
31. Humour and Pathos in Judaeo-Christianity, Branko Bokum.
32. The Gospel According to Mahmood, Mahmood {Cartoonist}.
33. What is Religion? Jawaharial Nehru.
34. The Credentials of the Creeds, Rt. Rev. Dorian Herbert.
35. Religion and Ethics in Schools, David Tribe.
36. Survival of Death, Edited by Peter Brooksmith.
37. The World's Religions, Ninian Smart.
38. The Cult of Softness, A. Lunn and G. Lean.
39. Class and Religion in the Late Victorian City, H. McLeod.
40. Let's Teach Them Right, Various.
41. Personal Values in the Modem World, M. V.C. Jeffreys.
42. The Twilight of Atheism, Alister Mcgrath.
43. The Dawkins Delusion, Alister McGrath.
44. Dictionary of Beliefs and Religions, Wordworth Reference.
45. Comparative Religion, A. C. Bouquet
46. The Big Questions: Johnathan Hill
47. Creation or Evolution, J. M. Hellawell
48. Feminism and Muslim Women, Sajda Nazlee
49. Video cassette: The Magdelene Sisters
50. Israel – Frequently Asked Questions
51. The Islamist - Ed Husain.
52. The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ - Philip Pullman.
53. From Fatwa to Jihad - Kenan Malik.
54. Their Kingdom Done - Robert Hutchison.
55. Multiculturism { Some Inconvenient Truths. - Rumy Hasan.
56. Atlas of Creation - Harun Yayha.
57. Christianity on Trial - Colin Chapman.
58. GCSE Religious Studies { Contemporary Moral Issues.}
59. Faith makes a Difference. { DVD.}
60. Our Gay Son {A Christian Father’s Search for Truth.} - David Robert-John.
61. Homosexuality { The Bible on Trial.} - David Robert-John.

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