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Here are some of the books and DVDs you will find in our library.

1. What Humanism is About, Kit Mouat
2. The Philosophy of Humanism, Corliss Lamont.
3. A Challenge to Christianity, J. B. Coates
4. Essays of a Humanist, Julian Huxley.
5. Religion without Revelation, Julian Huxley.
6. The Humanist Frame, Edited by Julian Huxley.
7. Humanist Anthology, Margaret Knight
8. Liberty Today, C. E. M. Joad,
9. Objections to Humanism, Martin Nott {4 copies}
10. The Misery of Christianity, Joachim Kahl.
11. Breaking the Shackles, Various.
12. An End to Belief, Ludovic Kennedy.
13. Practical Humanism, Various
14. An Enquiry into Humanism, Various.
15. Humanist Counselling, P. A. Pols.
16. New Arrivals - A guide to non-religious naming ceremonies, Jane Wynne Wilson
17. To Love and to Cherish - A guide to non-religious wedding ceremonies, Jane Wynne Wilson
18. Funerals without God. A practical guide to non-religious funeral ceremonies, Jane Wynne Wilson
19. Science With a Human Face, University for Humanist Studies.
20. People and Progress, Gora.
21. I Learn, Gora.
22. Positive Atheism, Gora.
23. An Atheist Around the World, Gora.
24. Atheist Centre, an Introduction, Gora.
25. The Meaning of Atheism, E. Haldeman-Julius.
26. Atheism and Alienation, Patrick Masterson
27. Second World Atheist Conference {1980}
28. Atheism - Genetics to Geology, M. de Bono, Jr.
29. One Man's Pilgrimage, Leslie Scrase.
30. Conversations between an Atheist and a Christian, Leslie Scrase.
31. Coping with Death, Leslie Scrase.
32. Some Ancestors of Humanism, LesIie Scrase,
33. The Truth, R. G. Ingersoll.
34. Rome or Reason, R. G. Jngersoll.
35. Our Pagan Christmas, R. L. Condon.
36. Freewill / Determination and Resolution, W. E. Whitehouse
37. Towards an Open Society, Various.
38. The Plain View, Various,
39. Honest to our Children, B.H.A.
40. Christianity and Humanism, Alan Naylor Smith.
41. The Bible and its Background, Archibald Robertson.
42. The Bible Handbook, G.W.Foot and W Hall.
43. Controversy, Hector Hawthorne.
44. The Humanist Revolution, Hector Hawthome.
45. Facing the World, Bet Cherrington {Poetry for Humanists}
46. Vox Humana, {poetry}, Norman Macdonald.
47. The Freethinker - Bound Volume 1988.
48. The Freethinker - Bound Volume 1989.
49. The Freethinker - Bound Volume 1990.
50. The Freethinker - Bound Volume 1991.
51. The Freethinker - Bound Volume 1992.
52. Humanism, An Introduction, Jim Herrick.
53. Humanist Perspectives {1} Primary Education.
54. Humanist Perspectives {2} Secondary Education.
55. Speaker's Notes - Humanism in Schools.
56. Humanities Gain from Unbelief, Charles Bradlaugh.
57. Question 13 - Rationalist Press {various subjects}
58. Without the Faith, J. Mcllroy {3 copies}
59. The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins.
60. God Is Not Great, Christopher Hitchens.
61. Religion and Darwinism, Robert Hinde (2 copies).
62. The End of Faith, Sam Hams.
63. What I Believe, E. M. Forster.
64. Living Without God, C.D. Rom
65. DVD The Genius of Charles Darwin - Presented by Richard Dawkins
66. Six Impossible Things to do Before Breakfast: Lewis Wolpert
67. Humanism - A Beginners Guide: Peter Cave
68. Humanist Outlook -various. 
69. Did Christians Steal Christmas, R. J. Stovold
70. Blackham's Best, Barbara Smoker
71. Does Evolution Explain Human Nature? John Templeton Foundation
72. The Good Man Jesus and The Scoundrel Christ, Philip Pullman
73. On The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin (David Quammen, illustrated)
74. The Greatest Show on Earth – the Evidence for Evolution, Richard Dawkins
75. Video cassette: Thomas Paine– the Most Valuable Englishman Ever, Kenneth Griffith
76. Video cassette: Humanism – the Great Human Detective Story, BHA
77. DVD: The God Who Wasn't There, Richard Dawkins + various
78. Video cassette: 2500 years (& more) of Free Thinking
79. DVD: The Genius of Charles Darwin
80. DVD: Creation – how Darwin Changed the World
81. The God Experiment, Russell Stanard
82. Darwin and the Beagle – Alan Moorehead.
83. A Devil’s Chaplain – Richard Dawkins.
84. The Magic of Reality – Richard Dawkins.
85. Astonishing Credulity – Michael Laurence.
86. Journey Through Darkness – Howard Brown.
87. The Atheists Guide to Christmas – Various Authors.

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