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Percy with a selection from the library

The library contains a large collection of books on a variety of subjects, and also a small collection of video cassettes and DVDs, and a CD ROM, all of which are available to members of Birmingham Humanists. The collection is held at the house of Percy Lea, the Librarian, who brings a selection of books to each meeting. If there is a particular item you would like to borrow, you can request it by emailing Percy with its title and the author's name. He will then bring the book to the next meeting.

A selection from the library

You will be asked to sign for any book you borrow in the record book provided. Members can borrow books for a period of three months. To extend the loan period, email the Librarian or contact him at the next meeting. When you return a book, the Librarian will sign and date the record book to show that you no longer have it.

You will find details of all the books in the collection in the lists below, which are categorised under four main headings.

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